Scotland Day 3B

After Glencoe, we had lunch in Fort Willam. Helen and I had the same thing: chicken burgers and strawberry cider!

img_3989 img_3991

We stopped for a few pics at Spean Bridge. I am obsessed with the clouds in Scotland.

img_3994 img_3995 img_3996 img_3997

One thing I love about Rabbie’s is that they are an eco-friendly company. They give back to communities in the area. So we stopped at many small, local places. This one advertised ceilidh dancing. I learned a ceilidh piece on my violin last summer.

img_4001 img_4003 img_4006

We also stopped at Loch Garry viewpoint for a photo. Our tour guide Grant is grumpy at people who make Inukshuks because the weight of the stones change the Highland landscape and erode the topsoil. So he moves the stones back to the side of the road, then the council can remove them. While we snapped some pictures, he moved a few stones. And then he found something that stumped us all: someone’s remains! I guess they wanted their ashes scattered at a lovey place, but they were just in a plastic bag, inside something that sort of looked like a cookie jar. Ha! 

img_4008 img_4010 img_4011 img_4014

We had our first glimpse of Eilean Donan, the most photographed monument in Scotland. We will have a proper visit on Day 5, but stopped by for a quick look. And look, they were having a craft fair!

img_4016 img_4019 img_4026 img_4027

It’s like they knew I was coming! Here is a little collection of yarn I bought.


Then we arrived in Plockton, where we’ll spend the next two nights. It’s the most tropical place in Scotland, and there’s palm trees!


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