Scotland Day 3C

After checking into our accommodations, me and the single ladies went out for dinner at the Plockton Hotel. It’s quite a small village, with not many places to eat. But it was yummy.

img_4040 img_4041

When I say “single ladies,” I mean the four travelers who are solo for the trip: Jen from Connecticut, Helen from Australia, Stephanie from Brussels, and me! The whole tour was very friendly, and I’m SO glad I chose Rabbies, which specializes in small tour groups.

img_4043 img_4044

Evening in Plockton.

img_4047 img_4048

And morning in Plockton. Each morning on the tour we get free breakfast. We didn’t have a lot of time today because it was the second long day on the tour. But I wanted something hot, so I ordered the porridge. It tasted as good as it looked: disgusting! 🤮🤮🤮 I added cranberries, nuts, and fresh fruit, and still only managed to choke down a few bites.

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