Scotland Day 3A

Day 3 started with a full Scottish breakfast. Oh yeah, that’s haggis right in the middle of my plate. I dutifully had a few bites and then ate around it.

img_3959 img_3963

Castle Stalker on Portnacroish.

img_3965 img_3966

We spent the afternoon at Glencoe, which is just fascinating.

img_3967 img_3968

Grant told us the whole history of the Jacobites and the massacre of the MacDonald clan.

img_3972 img_3973.img_3976 img_3979

Our tour group spent a lot of time up on the hills. Photo above taken by tour-mate Shannon from Texas. She and her daughter Kait are traveling here as a graduation trip.

It’s a national trust and there’s lots of hiking in the summer, and sports in the winter.  So lovely and green. And we could hear bagpipes off in the distance.

img_3986 img_3988

I bought myself a mood ring with a Celtic knot design on it. It was showing as blue, which matched my outfit 🙂

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