Florence to Nice

Goodbye for now, Italy! We make our way back to France, specifically, Nice.

The French trains are much nicer!

And we travelled at a good time of day. Great weather, again, so we could see a lot of the countryside.

We had a short stopover in Milano.

The train station there is gorgeous!

LOOK at Nice!

The French Riviera! Gosh, it is stunning!

We arrived pretty late and found some pizza. Then called it a night.

Here’s our first and last full day in Nice. Our little Air B&B.

Then we walked down to the beach.

We’re west-coasters, so the beach is nothing new to us. But Nice was just so, so amazing. And hot!

They have a lovely covered boardwalk. I made this picture with the benches my wallpaper on my phone.

This man was playing a lovely soprano sax.

We continued down the Promenade d’Anglais.

Saw many cool statues and fountains.

And winded up at the Lido Place on the beach.

We rented beach chairs and towels for the afternoon. It was cheaper too, since it’s the off season.

But it was a great idea! The last week and a half was all about sightseeing; today was all about relaxing!

They serve food and alcohol on the beach. We had some yummy eats and a half pitcher of white wine.

There’s CK, bobbing around in the Mediterranean.

We stayed as long as we could. It was just so lovely.

Retirement goals.

We walked further down the promenade.

C’est vrai!

We saw this lovely war memorial, built into the rock face.

And caught this beautiful sunset.

We popped into the casino for a cheap steak dinner!

And then walked back a big hill to our Air B&B. It was a short time in Nice but it was so wonderful.

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