Uffizi Gallery

Today we explored the Uffizi Gallery!

I was probably the most excited about this museum visit, because I knew the least about it.

It wasn’t too crowded, which was nice.

Again, we used Rick Steve’s audio tour.


The Birth of Venice, by Botticelli. I LOVED seeing this one in person.

Medici Venus. How do people sculpt? It’s so incredible.

A view of the Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi.


A little break time in the hallway!

Laocoon and his sons. This is a copy. We saw the original in the Vatican!

Madonna of the long neck.


I love me some Caravaggio.

We left the Uffizi, our minds full of beautiful art works.

And then went to explore the city. Look, I found a yarn store!

And the large outdoor market. I bought a leather bag, my hubs bought a leather belt.

Hello, lunch!

Hello, wine!

Dessert. Yup.

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