Black summer dress

One of the things I did over the pandemic was learn how to sew. I sort of knew how to sew and got a sewing machine a little while ago and mostly made little things. During Covid-times, I started sewing for a group that made face masks. We started with Frontline workers, and then distributed them to anyone who asked. I learned a lot of things and sewed many, many masks. Maybe I will make a post with all the pics I made. I stopped counting after 2000 masks – and that was in 2021, and just the ones that I made and accounted for. It felt great to do this and distribute masks, all for free, to anyone who needed them.

Anyhoo! I am still sort of making masks but of course the demand has slowed down considerably. I have branched out into making wearables. My friend Mel gave me the pattern for this dress and she promised me that it was super easy. It really was! There are options to put pockets on, but I just left it plain.

It’s so easy to wear! The fabric is a light rayon blend that I got from Our Social Fabric, a really wonderful place that sells deadstock fabrics, notions, patterns, yarn, and more.

Here I am modelling on my sister’s patio. Don’t you just love an easy, breezy summer dress? I certainly do!

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