First sewing projects

As you know, I bought a sewing machine! It’s very easy to use, and I have loved getting back into sewing. I sewed in Home Ec in high school, and a little bit here and there since then. I used to have a big old sewing machine from my mother in law, but it was so old school that if anything broke, I couldn’t find the parts to replace it. This Janome has been amazing, so far. Here are my first few projects:


A simple heating pad for my mom, who hurt her knee. Just sew all the sides, leave a little gap, turn it right side out, pop out the corners, fill, and sew the little gap closed. Easy peasy! My trick is that I put dried lavender flowers AND lavender essential oil in with the stuffing. I usually stuff with flax seed, but I had some buckwheat hulls so that’s what I used here.


I also made a little zipper bag. This one took some Pinterest research, but I managed to find instructions that my basic-sewing-level-brain could understand. I love the bicycle fabric, which I picked up at Walmart some time ago. Whoo, sewing!


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