Scotland Day 4C

We stopped to eat our packed lunches near this little museum, where you could see how old settlements lived in blackhouses with thatched roofs.

img_4162 img_4163

I went for a walk up to the cemetery. I find cemeteries so peaceful.

img_4167 img_4262

Some of the group wanted to see the fairy pools, and some wanted to see the distillery. Grant made it all work, he was amazing.

img_4263 img_4264

I opted for the distillery tour. We went to Talisker, the oldest working Scotch whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye.


img_4278 img_4281

They have barrels from 1979! I am not a Scotch drinker, but I tasted lost of types of whisky, in preparation for this trip. The taste they gave us was yummy and peaty. Still and acquired taste and it was fascinating to learn about the whole distilling process.

img_4284 img_4288

We had dinner in Portree. Look at this cute, coloured buildings.

img_4291 img_4295img_4297 img_4300

Single ladies at dinner! Me and Helen on the left, Stephanie and Jen on the right.


And look, a tea towel with a picture of a Scottish wild cat! Hamish Macbeth has a “domesticated” wildcat named Sonsie, which means “cheeky.”


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