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Scotland Day 1B

Lunch at a pub in Inverary, where I spied this drawing of Inverary Castle. And then I got to see the castle in person!

img_3767 img_3768img_3769 img_3773

We stopped at a place not on the tour called. Saint Conan’s Kirk. It’s a little church, built for the architect’s mom, so she wouldn’t have to walk far to worship.

img_3774 img_3775img_3776 img_3777img_3780 img_3782 img_3783

I just love these highland coos! It looks like they have bangs!

img_3786 img_3787

We spent two nights in Oban. This is my little room in the Wellpark B&B, which I absolutely loved.

img_3789 img_3790

They have a beautiful lounge on the 2nd floor where you can relax, play chess and other games, or just look out at the beautiful view.

img_3791 img_3792 img_3793 img_3798

I really, really loved Oban. It’s a Victorian fishing town with a lovely boardwalk, that reminded me of Nice in France. I caught the sunset on my first full day in Scotland.

img_3803 img_3802

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