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Scotland Day 1A

This morning I checked out of 28 York Place, and met my tour group at the bus station, across the street. I was too excited to sleep and so I was very tired. I ran and got a bottle of water before we boarded, and ended up being the last one on the bus. Which worked out great, because I got the whole back row to myself! There were 13 people on the tour, lucky 13!

A glimpse of the Kelpies, on our way out of Edinburgh.


First castle of the trip, Doune Castle. Home of Winterfell, from GoT fame.

img_3735 img_3736 img_3738

A highlight of my trip, one of the places I told my travel agent was a must-see: Loch Lomond.


I learned how to play this on the violin with Sarah.


It was such a treat to see the bonnie, bonnie banks in person.


Me! Not pictured: highland midges.

img_3746img_3749img_3750 img_3752 d8611eb2-6eaa-49f4-94c9-5824a6a1819f

Boy floating away: “I canna swim! I canna swim!”
Instructor: “Well wot ya doin’ trying to stand? Get yer bum in tha boooat!


Stopping at a view point. I love Rabbie’s, they’re a great tour company!


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