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Weekend Candles

This weekend, I cleaned out a bunch of old jars and a couple of teacups, and made some soy candles.


They are VERY easy and satisfying to make. I seem to like collecting glass containers, so I always have a lot vessels to fill.


I used up old soy candle wax that didn’t quite burn. The red stuff is from an apple-cinammon candle I got from Michaels. The wick was burnt down quite a bit, but there was still a lot of wax to recycle.


These are the soy flakes I get from Michaels. It’s a great deal, especially with their 40% off coupon. I also got some vanilla-scented oil.


And here they are, 12 vanilla soy candles. There are two in teacups, some in small mason jars, and some in old glass yogurt containers.

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