I’m ready to tell you about the orchestra I joined. WHAT?! I joined an orchestra!? Yes, this is where I was a couple of weeks ago, scared out of my mind.


The group is called A Little Night Music Orchestra, and they are a non-auditioned community group. I have been taking violin lessons for a couple of years now, first with a student at UBC, and then with my friend Sarah, who has played many theatre shows with us. She is wonderful.


BUT I don’t make the time to practice. And I figure joining an orchestra would force me to practice – and it has! You know how they tell you to do something that scares you? Well I can cross that off my list, it’s terrifying! I feel behind on everything and probably get 1 out of ever 10 or 15 notes on the page. But they are a nice bunch, there’s no pressure, and it is very humbling for me. And we do produce some beautiful music, which I hope to contribute to soon, rather than squawk my way through the songs.

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