TUTS Closing thoughts

Well it has been over two weeks since We Will Rock You closed at TUTS! It’s been hard collecting my thoughts – this was such a great show and tough to let go. Here’s a pic of me and the other understudies in the show in our fun costumes. I was understudying the role of Killer Queen but thankfully, never had to perform in that role! However, I would have liked to have worn this cool red jacket more!Me and Jess, as Scaramouche. She’s a gem, it was a pleasure sharing a little dressing room with her. I had cue cards on the go everywhere: in the dressing room, at work, in my purse. It always helps me to have cards on hand, so I can remind myself of my lines, especially for such a long run. It’s easy to get complacent and terrifying to think about forgetting your lines on stage. And finally, look at this! TUTS gives out a few awards every year, and I won the Aida Broadbent Award! What a surprise and an honour. I pride myself on giving a professional and consistent performance. And it was a joy to be around many young people, many who were new to the company, where I have spent so many summers. Thank you TUTS, for another unforgettable summer!

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