“Uprooted” Screening

Ok I can finally tell you about the time I spent on set! It was filming a short, 10-minute musical film called “Uprooted.” It was a very cool story about a Filipino mom Marites and her son Carlos, who come to Canada. We shot it in one weekend, as part of MAMM 2017. It screened at their gala last Friday and it was SO much fun!

Stage is set!

Me and my hubs are ready. 

Me and my three Carlos’s: Michael, Haven, and Gian Carlo!

This is Mary, she helped with the dance and movement. She is so lovely!

That’s Joe on the left, our fabulous director!

It was a really great night, and reminded me of how wonderful it was to work on this little short. The story was Filipino-focused, and the writers, cast, and the majority of the crew were Filipino. It was really cool to connect to my roots and see it all come together on the big screen.

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