We Will Rock You

I’m in a show again! Yay, live theatre is back! This summer I’m back in beautiful Stanley Park, performing with Theatre Under the Stars. The show is called “We Will Rock You” and it is SO much fun!

Photos by Emily Cooper
Costume Designer: Brian Ball
Set & Lighting Designer: Robert Sondergaard
Director: Saccha Dennis
Choreographer: Shay Kuebler
Music Director: Christopher KingThe show is wild. It takes place 300 years in the future, in a world where rock music is forbidden. All the music is by Queen, so we get to sing awesome songs and channel our inner Freddie Mercury all summer long!

I’m playing “Oz,” one of the Bohemians who fights to keep the music alive. This is my partner Tanner Zerr, who plays “Brit.” Our character names are taken from legends we’ve heard of: Ozzy Osbourne for me, Britney Spears for him!The cast is small, by TUTS’ standards – only 20 people. Lots of young’uns. I am the oldest one on stage, of course…!

One song I get to sing is called “No One But You (Only the Good Die Young).” It’s a tune Brian May wrote after Freddie passed away, and it reflects on all the people who left this life too soon. It really makes me think of my Pa; the last show he saw me perform in was “Hairspray” for  TUTS in 2015.

The show is a rockin’ good time – check us out, if you can!

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