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Cruise 2019: The Voice of the Ocean

All right, it’s time to tell you about The Voice of the Ocean.


This is a vocal competition, based on the TV show the Voice, licensed by Princess Cruises. Colin had told me about it before I went on the cruise. You sing a round of karaoke, then 6 people are chosen by the audience. You rehearse twice during the week with the band and a vocal coach, have dress rehearsal, and then perform. And you win… a trophy. Not free bottle of champagne or credit to the cruise spa. So I was not to keen to enter. Plus, I felt like I was cheating, since I have a lot of singing experience.


We arrived late on karaoke night because dinner was so good and I didn’t want to rush through all that yummy food. Encouraged by Kevin and Colin, I put my name in at the last minute. I wasn’t sure they were still accepting people, but they squeezed me in, and lo and behold, I was a contestant.


Rehearsal that week was fun. I got to sing with the band, which was a treat!


You narrow it down to two songs, that have to be under 2 minutes. I chose “Firework” by Katy Perry.


Here are the famous red chairs that turn around when the judges like you!


Here’s a shot of the big screen, during our dress rehearsal.

I took a little video of the scope of the stage. Hoo boy, that’s a big theatre. I admit, I got a bit nervous.


We got to eat free canapes and drink free champagne backstage!


Here are the 6 contestants, who were all so great! I’m glad I thought to get a group picture.


I think this was the best part of the whole experience:my table-mates made me a sign, because they are supportive AND adorable!


It came down to the three ladies: me, Daryl-lynn, and Michelle. I won with 72% of the votes.


Again, I have been singing for a long time, so I felt I had the upper hand here. But then I found out that both Daryl-lynn and Michelle had been past contestants on previous cruises. So I went back to slugging free champagne.


PS This didn’t fit in my suitcase so I had to carry it home in my purse!

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