Cruise 2019 First Sea Day

We spent our first full day at sea on the Grand Princess.


There were LOTS of things to do, we simply could not do them all! The cruise staff is very friendly and organized, we really loved this sea day.


And the views! Miles and miles of water and sunshine.


This was the Captain’s set sail party, where they had a champagne waterfall.


And it was the first of two formal nights.


We met our table-mates, who were to become the best part of the cruise! A couple from Ontario, Ireland, and England – really lovely people! Also, a picture of my lovely dessert!


That night we saw the first production show, called Starlight. It was the only show that our friend Colin, the drummer, actually played for. This was a big reason we booked this cruise, so we could experience ship life with him.


Princes has amazing musicians and entertainment on their ships. Starlight was really wonderful, and then there are always some solo and group acts playing throughout the ship. We ended our first night by listening to JJ, a solo singer/guitarist, in the Crooner’s Lounge.


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