Company, 2019

I am already well into rehearsals for my next show, Company. Here’s a wonderful shot of our “Bobby.”


I did this show back in 2016 and oh, so much has happened since then. It was a dream show back then, and is a dream show now. I am playing Jenny (last time I played Sarah), and the show is an equity co-op. Which means almost everyone is a professional performer and I’m learning so much, just by being in the room with this amazing bunch of artists.


The groups is called Rainy City Theatre, and the show will be site-specific. Meaning, it will take place in Bobby’s “apartment” – a found space that is currently a little art gallery, but will be decked out to look a Manhattan condo. The audience is small, it will fit only about 40-50 people. And we’ll be “on stage” the whole time, really part of the action. Small and intimate!


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