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Go For Faux Pillows & Hat

A few months ago, I was contacted by YarnCanada to try out a new line of yarn from Lion Brand called Go For Faux. I chose the colour I wanted to try out and they shipped it over. I’ve been so busy that I just managed to finish my projects now. I chose the colour Pomeranian. The yarn is Super Bulky and they sent me three balls. I fretted for a long time over what to make and finally decided on bolster pillows and a kitty hat like these ones.

First of all, let me tell you: this yarn is so, SO, SO soft! It was so nice to handle and knit with. It was like a cloud slipping through my fingers, honestly!

For the bolster pillows, I used my flat rectangle loom (36-pegs) and cast onto each peg. I did the double knit stitch until most of the yarn was gone, and left just enough to cast off. Sewed it up into a little circle, stuffed it with poly fill, and bam, done! I had these in mind for my couch naps. I am a big napper. I made a matching one so I could nap in comfort.

img_4929   img_4931

They’re so soft and fluffy, I love them!

For the kitty hat, I cast on to a 36-peg round loom and ribbed 1×1 for about 2 inches. Then I knit around and around until I had just enough to finish the hat. I moved the loops onto straight needles and did a 3-needle bind off to close up the hat.

img_4909   img_4906img_4905   img_4907

Ok, this hat is AWESOME! I decided to finish it so that the inside was facing out, because it was the fluffier side. There’s just a hint of kitty ears and you can wear it with the brim pulled down or folded up. It s SO warm and soft. I thought I would make it up and give it to my niece but forget that, I am keeping it for myself! The hat took up one ball of yarn, so I will be making more of these, for sure.

If you’re looking to try out some fun yarn, take a look at Lion Brand’s Go For Faux. It is so yummy and soft and easy to work with. So thank you, Yarn Canada for letting me try this out 🙂

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