Scotland Day 6A

Another gorgeous day in Scotland, the first full day on my own.


I used Rick Steve’s Tour Guide app for a guided walk down the Royal Mile.

img_4420 img_4421

It was very, very busy!

img_4425 img_4427

I went to the Writer’s Museum, it was great.

img_4429 img_4431 img_4434 img_4439 img_4440 img_4443 img_4444 img_4447

The site of the last public execution!

img_4446img_4449 img_4450 img_4458 img_4456 img_4461

I stopped in at St. Gilles’ Cathedral. You make a donation and get a sticker so you can take pictures.

img_4463 img_4464

I was obsessed with finding these little statues of angels playing the bagpipes!

img_4465 img_4466 img_4467 img_4473 img_4479 img_4482 img_4483

The buildings are old and lovely here 🙂

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