Scotland Day 5A

The last day of the tour! I don’t think I ever wrote it, but the tour I went on is called the 5-day tour of Iona, Mull & the Isle of Skye, by Rabbie’s. Check them out, they’re amazing!

img_4313 img_4319

Today we do a full tour of the Eilean Donan Castle, before heading back to Edinburgh and going our separate ways.

I just loved his castle, you can see why it is photographed so much.

img_4323 img_4326img_4328img_4329 img_4333img_4334  img_4343  img_4346 img_4351

I had changed my computer wall paper to a picture of this castle before I left. I have been dreaming about this trip for so long and I’m so glad I got to visit, and see so many amazing things.

img_4352 img_4356

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