Scotland Day 2B

After the puffins, the boat took us over to the Isle of Iona.

img_3902 img_3905

Iona is the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland, and there is a lovely old abbey there.

img_3907 img_3908 img_3909 img_3913

I didn’t have time to go into the abbey, but isn’t this vista gorgeous. I thought, that’d be a lovely place to have your lunch break.

img_3915 img_3916

Oh boy. They had a yarn shop, with yarn made from the sheep that roamed the island. I don’t know how, but I resisted!

img_3917 img_3918

The lovely shoreline of Iona.

img_3921 img_3922 img_3923 img_3924 img_3927 img_3934

More stunning views. I can’t get enough of this place!

reimg_3937 img_3938 img_3943 img_3945

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