Juice Cleanse

I never posted about this juice cleanse that I did, back in February.


I looked at a few juice companies here in Vancouver, but then found out that Freshii had a cleans. You get four juices a day, and then finish off with a Metaboost salad. I love Freshii and their salads, so I was sold.


I did the 3-day cleanse. It was really good, and easier than I thought it would be. They suggest that you drink hot water with lemon first thing in the morning, which is a practice I’ve tried to keep up. It was really satisfying to CHEW at the end of the day, with the salad. I felt really good afterwards, and lost 3 pounds – 2 of which has maybe come back. I had to ease into eating afterwards, and that made me more mindful of the food I was consuming. All in all, it was a good cleanse and I’ll probably do it once or twice a year, to give my body a reset.

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