Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

On our second day in Rome, we visited the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel! It was the only morning that it rained. We hit out in a cafe during the worst of the downpour.

By the time we got inside, the sun was shining. I had bought tickets online a few weeks before, and it was SO worth it. We passed many, MANY people waiting line.

Again, we used a Rick Steve’s audio tour to help us navigate our way through all the wonderful masterpieces.

This is the headless bust that was the inspiration behind Michaelangelo’s depiction of God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Lovely ceilings.

And lovely floors.

Mercury, I think.

This tapestry has perspective in that Jesus’ eyes follow you as you walk along the hall.

Map gallery.

Okay, we’re making our way into the Raphael Rooms, which were the private papal apartments.

The scale on these walls is just astounding.


Every inch is covered in masterpieces.

Here’s Raphael himself, looking cheekily out to the viewer.

Hello School of Athens! I was obsessed with this painting!

I remember studying it in my first year of university. There are so many people in it that he referenced, and so many hidden meanings.

The audio guide told us that Raphael had finished the painting, and went down the hall to have a peek at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Raphael was so impressed with what he saw, that he went back to the School of Athens, scratched up some plaster, and put Michaelangelo into his painting.

Another cool think about the Vatican: they have paining from MANY masters. Here is one from Van Gogh. 

I can’t remember who did this one.


No more rain!

I liked this bear.


Me in the Vatican!

The Papal gardens.

The Vatican courtyard.

We found the Egyptian exhibit.

My hubs is always so happy when he’s looking at old Egyptian artifacts.

The pinecone.

We also visited the Sistine Chapel, but you’re not allowed to take pictures.

Here’s a plaque of the paintings in the chapel. It was unreal, standing in all that wonderful art and history and religion. We were there for a long time, just soaking it all in.

This museum was by far the most crowded of the ones we saw during our trip. It was amazing. We are tired but happy!

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