Paris to Rome

We left Paris and headed to Rome, by train.


We said goodbye to our little hotel.


And then went to visit Notre Dame Cathedral.


Here’s a little video of the plaza. We are technically in the tourist off season, but there were still lots of people around.

Old bells from the cathedral.


The Rider Cup was happening in France. This is the closest we came.



This is one of the beautiful train stations in France.


Our train from Paris to Torino was beautiful. It had plugs, heat, and coffee service.


It was a wonderful way to travel and see some of the countryside.

There was the cutest little Italian boy on our train, translating the conversation between his mom and the lady opposite him, who only spoke English.


We arrived late in Turin, waited about 45 minutes, then got on the worst train ride ever! It was the cheapest, overnight train to Rome. It stopped at every station, we sat in a 6-person compartment, it was cold, there was no electricity to plug our phones in, and we couldn’t sleep. The train kept stopped, people would board and de-board, and ugh, it was just bad! Now we know why it was so cheap. We got no sleep at all.


BUT! We arrived in Rome very early, and found out our hotel, TheWesley Rome Hotel, was right next to the Castle Sant’Angelo.


But it wasn’t open yet, because we arrived so early. So we went into a lovely little cafe where the lady served us espresso and cookies, made us an omelette, and we were able to recharge our phones.


Buongiorno Roma!

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