This past month, I participated in the Workout to Conquer Cancer with my friend Allison. I worked out every day during the month of May, and exceeded my fundraising goal! I am so grateful to everyone who donated! And me and Allison have lots of ideas for next year!


Part of the reason I was so successful in the monthly challenge, I think, was because I got to choose what kind of work out I wanted to do each day. Sometimes it was a short walk, sometimes it was yoga or some ab exercises at home. But the main activity I did was – PUNCHING!

I joined a new gym. It’s called 30 Minute Hit. It’s a kickboxing circuit that you jump on and then you SWEAT for half an hour. There is one near my house and one near my work, and it. is. GREAT! They also had a little sticker challenge during May where you track your progress with stickers. If you met your goal, you get entered into a contest to win a T-shirt. I made my goal to go 13 times in the month, and I met it. I didn’t win a T-shirt but it felt like a huge accomplishment every time I put a sticker up. It’s amazing how a little accountability will motivate you to do all kinds of things.

I’m not seeing my number on the scale decrease. But I feel better, my clothes fit better, and I sleep better. Plus those endorphins – oh man! I just feel so great after a workout!

So here’s to a new month of continuing the fitness habits that I’ve made so far, and challenging myself to do other new things.

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