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Work Presents

A couple of days ago, I was sick and couldn’t go in to work. I have vertigo, it is SO annoying! I’m fine for a while, then have huge, alarming bouts of dizziness. It made me nauseous on and off, so I stayed home to rest. When I got back to work yesterday, I had presents!


Chocolate and a little screwdriver set from a committee that I sit on at work.


And music! Last year they had this awesome music sale in my building. I picked up some good stuff, and everything was $2 or less.


This week I couldn’t go, so my co-worker went and grabbed some random things. She scored 12 books for 6 bucks and would NOT let me pay her back! She’s the best! I scored some flute music, some violin music, some blues music, and some musical theatre stuff too!

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