Mom’s Holy Land Pilgrimage

My mom went on an EPIC trip to the Holy Land.


She went with her church group, on a guided tour. They started in Egypt, which would have been my favourite part, if I had gone along with her.


Pyramids! Sphinx! WOW!!


They also went to Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. They walked they way of the cross, swam in the Dead Sea, visited Mount Olive, and saw many, many other places.


She did all kinds of holy things like visiting the gardens of Gethsamane, where Jesus prayed the night before he was arrested. I told my JCS cast all about it, since we were doing the show the same time she was visiting.


I think we were all worried when she was gone, but she is back now and had a great time. it’s great that she’s travelling more, and she said Pa would have loved to have gone on the trip. So it was good for her to go and see all those places.


She brought back some souvenirs for us, of course, including this rosary from Bethlehem, that is made out of rose petals. It has a strong, sweet smell to it.


But I was thrilled by this Sphinx statue. She got it from Egypt, at the site of the pyramids of Giza! Amazing!!

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