Crochet Pouf

I have finished this custom order for my friend – it’s a crochet pouf!img_1408

She wanted one of those beautiful ottoman pouf things, but they are so expensive. So she commissioned me to make one for her. It was pretty simple to do, just round and round and round, like a record baby, right round, round, round!


I was excited to give it to her so I didn’t take any good pictures! But here it is, in my place, stuffed with two pillows and a comforter. And there is STILL room in there to fit more. I read a lot online about what to stuff it with but I think it’s so smart to put your extra bedding and clothes in there. So I left a hole at the bottom to fill and refill with extra pillows, blankets, clothes, and such.


And here’s the snapshot she sent to me of it in its new home. I scribbled down some notes as I went, so maybe I will write up a quick pattern so others can make it too.


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