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United Way Arts Food Truck Festival

Last year I helped on a work committee to host the United Way Arts Food Truck Festival. It was supposed to happen last Thursday, and we did a whole lot of planning for it, but the weather did NOT cooperate! Not only was there rain, it was stormy with winds howling – not good for the tent and AV and sound equipment. So we had to make the tough choice to cancel all the entertainment acts and take down everything.


But we had some cupcakes to giveaway, which we did! These were provided by Deb of the UBC Arts and Culture district.


Come and get your cupcakes! Supporting arts and culture at UBC!


As part of the festival, we had intended to do a ribbon-cutting ceremony on this little trike – the only one of its kind! Deb reconfigured an old tricycle and made it into a ticket and info booth. She and her student helpers pedal it all over campus, spreading news about all the amazing events on at UBC.


Here is our pal Cam from Theatre doing the official cutting. It was cold, but lots of fun. And although we had to cancel the entertainment, $1 of every lunch sold at the food trucks still went to the United Way. So I hope we raised some funds and some awareness too šŸ™‚

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