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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! We hosted my big family in our little apartment and had JUST enough chairs to fit everyone. Here is a big ass tray of lumpia that I picked up earlier in the day. Have you ever tried this Filipino food? It is delicious. I might have had 1 (or 4) rolls before everyone showed up.


And look, I cleaned! Our floors look so nice when they’re not covered in yarn bits…


I also made my world famous apple crumble, which is the easiest thing ever. I’ve made it a few times and it’s so easy and delicious. I found it off of this pin on Pinterest, but I use vegetable oil in stead of melted butter.


Happy family, before our food coma set in.


See, we sort of have enough chairs!


Brady has special diet needs so he got his own unique dinner.


And then he found my stash of finished objects, including this pumpkin hat. It looked pretty cute on him so I let him take it home.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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