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Road picking

Last weekend me and my mom wanted to go berry picking. We didn’t do much prep or research – we just went to this place we often pass by, and just sort of stopped in. It wasn’t a pick-your-own farm, but a little roadside shack.


The main thing they sell is eggs; we bought a flat of them. I love it though, it’s just on the honour system. You pick what you want and put the money in a box. We rang the bell for assistance because we wanted to ask about raspberries.


He told us raspberries would come in the next week or so. So we picked up some strawberries for now. Look at that nice garlic too!


And look at this cutie. He played catch with me through the fence. He would fetch the ball and then drop it through a hole in the fence for me to toss over. Very clever. I’m calling him “he” but I don’t actually know if he’s a he. I do know he was pretty cute.


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