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PNE – round 3

Last Sunday we went back to the PNE. This was my third time there in the past two weeks – I just can’t get enough!


The whole fam jam was there, including my nephew Noah and niece Leyna.



I dragged my husband to watch the bee beard demo. It’s a beard made of bees! BEES! Here he is, putting the queen bee around this worker’s neck.


Then he shows her how to hold a folder up to her face.


Next he dumps a bunch of bees into the folder.


“Hello, bees are swarming me,” she thinks to herself. The demonstration is to show how docile bees are. They don’t care about us, they’re just trying to get to the queen. It was pretty fascinating.


We also checked out the garden stands just outside the farm.


And then we caught the 5pm show of ShowStoppers. My niece Brianna is up front in the braids and pink tank.


We ate some barbecue and corn, then watched a set of Nearly Neil! Here is my brother in law taking a picture of Bobby Bruce during his sound check.


And one of my sisters bought these OTHER donuts, not the mini donuts that I usually get. They were good, a bit bigger and more doughy. Most importantly, they were slathered in cinnamon sugar.


I love going to the PNE, it’s the best way to cap off a great summer.

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